Happy Birthday to The Salted Cod!

The Salted Cod turns one year old today!!

It has been a good year for food, people have become more conscious of where the food they eat is actually coming from. This is actually The Salted Cod's 50th post as well. We have had well over 1000 vistors to the site since our first post. For this upcoming year my goal is to post at least one entry per week.

I would like to thank Steve for a lot of the behind the scenes prep work, he has helped to make this an enjoyable experience for me. I would also like to thank Lisa for her endless help with kitchen cleanup.

Support your farmers market this summer. Join a CSA, try to eat food that was only grown and or produced within a 100 mile radius of your home.

I love getting comments so keep them coming, and if you have any suggestions for the upcoming year let me know.

Eat local, eat less and eat fresh.

Local Harvest
Michael Pollan's resources for "sustainable eating"

Thank You
The Salted Cod


Meghan said...

happy b to the salty c.

Otis said...

I'll wish you a happy b. but I'm sorry, I refuse to eat less.