There were two eggplants just sitting there and I was bored.



This is Boston's 2nd best slice.


Farmers Market Caprese

This was the best caprese of the summer right here. My own grown basil, zebra heirlooms from Kimball fruit farm and Mozzarella di Bufala Campana from Italy.


TC Lando's

No surprise here, this place is like the holy grail of steak and cheese sub shops. I have been lucky enough feed my belly with one the these since the shop was in Maynard way back in the day. A damn tasty steak & cheese that has been known to cause cravings in people as far away as Rapid City and Los Angeles. A no thrills shop that you get what you pay for (that is a mini sub pictured be warned.) The only steak and cheese that I know of where the steak is chopped small. It almost melts in your mouth like a little bit of steak and cheese heaven.


What's for dinner

Leek ravioli
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Dave's fresh pasta goat cheese & leek ravioli with sage brown butter.


MV Bakery

mvbakery cupcake 3
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I stopped in for breakfast at the MV Bakery and grabbed a great croissant. later that day it was a homemade cupcake. great moist yellow cake with a mountain of frosting housed in an original container.

Beach dog

Beach snack
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yeah, same place as the slush. Nothin' fancy.

Beach slush

Beach slush
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Nothing better than homemade lemon-lime beach slush. Cheap satisfaction on a hot day. Found this good stuff biking from Oak Bluffs to Edgartown on the main drag.

Beach clams

Fried Clams
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Oh man so much good food packed into such a small harbor. These whole belly clams are from that little shack on the right on the way to Menemsha harbor.

Lobster Roll

Lobster Roll
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The glorious Menemsha fish market lobster roll. Still warm dripping with butter and lemon.

Dippin Donuts

Holly Smokes! Two indie donut shops in a row!! This place "Dippin Donuts" Has great cinnamon donuts, with a nice powdery cinnamon-sugar coating. They also serve homemade bagels which are great but...after touring NYC I was very disappointed to see them just shove a tiny cream cheese container and a knife in my bag. You take the time to make the bagel, how about getting some good cream cheese and putting it on for your customers as well. Still worth checking out.



Cape Cod Grapes

The Salted Cod decided to stop for a quick drink to quench his thirst as he was driving to Race Point beach. Located just a stones throw from Route 6, Truro Vineyards is worth the stop.

Go with a friend and for $5 a piece you get to taste all 10 wines Cape Cod's only vineyard has to offer. Sara Hutchings the local vineyard guru was more than happy to pour us a few before the lunch hour. Sara was extremely knowledgeable and super friendly explaining everything from the vineyards landscape to the buttery effect oak barrels bring to wine. I have to admit this was my first time doing a tasting and it was damn fun. We got to hang out in the warm Cape Cod sun analyzing each variety the vineyard offers. Sara was good at keeping me on my toes by helping me pinpoint flavors and attributes of each wine.

The Salted Cod's wine of choice was their "Cranberry Infusion." Bottled in a killer lighthouse it's great for summer sipping, who can say no to that! The runner up was the 2002 Cabernet Franc. It was hard walking away only purchasing one bottle but hey I'll be back...


What's for dinner?

This is actually a two part series becuase some people are still afraid of fish. The substitute for this evening is a wonderful bourbon marinated chicken skewer. (They had salmon envey though let me tell you!)

What's for dinner?

Wild Sock eye Salmon, summer rice, local asparagus & pea shoots!


Press 195

Fresh fresh fresh, pressed to perfection, very nice patio, poor service.


Shake Shack

One hour & 26 minutes later we had one hell of a burger in our hands. Simply incredible.

Drama Cafe - 341 Fifth Ave, Brooklyn NY 11215

Sweet outdoor patio seating, extremely hospitable ridiculous chef hangs out with you as well.


Totonno's Pizza

The famous coal oven pizza endorsed by the Ramones was CLOSED for the day.


Replace me Tuesday

I'm heading down to Brooklyn tonight I'm looking forward to the trip. I'm planning on picking up a Holga 6x6 camera and hitting up Coney Island & Totonno's Pizzeria Napolitano (coal oven.) I should have some good pictures next week.


Here's a tasty summertime booze concoction. Lemon mint vodka! This batch is going to dumped into a big honkin watermelon for the holiday weekend. You can also make killer mojito's with it as well!


Cheaper than McDonald's

Came across Galleria Umberto on Hanover street today while riding my bike around town. Awesome Sicilian pizza and highly recommended arancini's. Some old guy told me "just try one" when I asked him what's in them. Turns out to be an oversize corn fritter stuffed with rice, cheese, meat and peas. Good stuff. No disappointments today, lunch was $3.45


Urban Agriculture

My balcony is slowy turning into an urban farm site. I tried to get a plot at the Somerville public garden but no one has gotten back to me. This year one the list so far...
Boston Lettuce
3 varieties of heirloom tomatoes
1 hybrid tomato
orange peppers
Hopefully there will be enough sunlight.



Day one

I have a goal to grow at least one tomato this year. I'll keep you posted...

What's for dinner?

My take on "Ramps & Pancetta"

Pasta courtesy of Dave Fresh Pasta.



EODM in front of a packed room last night.
David Catching was a nice suprise.


What's for dinner?

This picture sucks but the grilled eggplant was awesome.

Midnight Ride

Illiegal bike racing is awesome. I saw a midnight race last weekend, 10 laps around Davis Square bombing through traffic and sliding around corners. The cops showed up too.

Elkin It

Driving home from Bethel Maine there was an elk farm on the side of the road. The farmer was a friendly fellow who showed us around his farm. The females are a lot more sociable and apparently they taste better too.

The Source

Your looking at the original source for Poland Spring water. It was the strangest "museum" I've ever seen. The "source" is housed in an all marble and gold chapel like housing in the middle of nowhere. Originally America's wealthy would vacation at the spring and pray while drinking spring water. I wonder how many cults have been through those doors...