Cape Cod Grapes

The Salted Cod decided to stop for a quick drink to quench his thirst as he was driving to Race Point beach. Located just a stones throw from Route 6, Truro Vineyards is worth the stop.

Go with a friend and for $5 a piece you get to taste all 10 wines Cape Cod's only vineyard has to offer. Sara Hutchings the local vineyard guru was more than happy to pour us a few before the lunch hour. Sara was extremely knowledgeable and super friendly explaining everything from the vineyards landscape to the buttery effect oak barrels bring to wine. I have to admit this was my first time doing a tasting and it was damn fun. We got to hang out in the warm Cape Cod sun analyzing each variety the vineyard offers. Sara was good at keeping me on my toes by helping me pinpoint flavors and attributes of each wine.

The Salted Cod's wine of choice was their "Cranberry Infusion." Bottled in a killer lighthouse it's great for summer sipping, who can say no to that! The runner up was the 2002 Cabernet Franc. It was hard walking away only purchasing one bottle but hey I'll be back...


What's for dinner?

This is actually a two part series becuase some people are still afraid of fish. The substitute for this evening is a wonderful bourbon marinated chicken skewer. (They had salmon envey though let me tell you!)

What's for dinner?

Wild Sock eye Salmon, summer rice, local asparagus & pea shoots!