Homemade french toast with homemade bread.


I knead some bread

For months now there has been a bread machine in one of my cabinets and tonight I decided it was time and I invested in a $4 bag of bread flour. The recipe for a basic white loaf was simple, I dumped everything in the machine and came back two hours later to a round loaf of bread. It actually tasted great. Good for the simple breads but I still miss my crusty long loafs. I calculated I could make 9 loafs from that one bag of flour bringing my costs to about $0.50 a loaf. Not bad.



A bottle of Balsamic...
This is my balsamic lemon chicken.
The chicken is dredged lightly in flour then peppered on the heavy side. Fry it up, remove it from the pan, and pour out excess oil. Deglaze the pan with some balsamic vinegar and the juice of half a lemon. Now you've got some excellent sauce for that chicken mini-portobello’s and baby spinach.


Fiesta Mac n Cheese

This is my Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta Mac n Cheese!

Idealy this dish should be made with freshly roasted green chilies from you know where. In this case it's quite hard to find them this time of year in the northeast. I went with some poblano peppers. I oiled them quite heavily and roasted them over an open flame on the stove.

I then went ahead and made a standard mac n cheese recipe. I chopped up the roasted poblanos and a small amount of chopped cilantro and added that into the cheese sauce. On top I substituted in fresh chopped tortillas from the "Frontier" in ABQ. Delicious.
Next time more peppers...