Somerville says no!

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The Somerville Journal reports today that balcony grilling is illegal!

Sure there's a little guy in the back of everyone's mind saying this is probably wrong to do, but there is an irresistible urge for grilled meat that takes over, thus causing balcony grilling to prevail in my neighborhood.

If you talk a walk around my neighborhood in Winter Hill most balconies do have some type of grilling device in plain view. On any given summer night last year, I could look out my window and see someone grilling on a balcony or porch within eyesight of my very own balcony. Call me jealous, but if these guys are eating grilled burgers and dogs conveniently from their balcony, why can't I?

I am still deciding on my official stance regarding this issue. I do think if you can be responsible and attentive to your grill and have a working fire extinguisher handy, chances are you'll be okay. Do I really want to take a chance and play with fire? No one ever mentions the legality of this as well. I checked my tenant’s agreement on my lease and there was no mention of this issue. I still wonder what would happen if I burned down my house because I was grilling on my balcony, I think it would be safe to say my lease would be terminated at the least. Would any additional criminal charges be pressed as well? Would I be paying my landlord back for eternity for damages?

Speaking only for myself, I am not too comfortable with some drunken Tufts students hooting, hollering, and playing with lighter fluid next door. I trust myself, but who is watching them?
Maybe this is for the best. Redbones is just down the street anyway...


Meg said...

this has inspired me to use my own northampton balcony for some bbq.

Boston Chef said...

hey great blog! once when at our buddies' place in Porter Square, we had a visit from the somerville fire dept one fine afternoon when grilling on their 2nd floor balcony on the hibachi. the grill was BLAZING hot when they told us to "put it out". we were like "how???". they said they'd be back and left. we threw on the meat.

the grill is a must!