From Appalachia with love

From Appalachia with love is all I can say.

Last year, I really started getting into wild foods, farmers markets and cooking great meals myself . I heard of this wild plant called a ramp from various blogs. These ramps reportedly have the shortest harvesting season out of any plant I know, a mere 5 weeks a year tops. I've found that there is only one real farm that specializes in the growing of these wild leeks. The rest are gathered in forest land mostly throughout Appalachia. Last season, I scoured every farmers market and called different produce managers around town to no avail.

Yesterday, while walking through the Whole Foods produce section I spotted a basket filled to the brim with RAMPS! These babies were unmarked and not even priced. I grabbed a bag like a deranged maniac and stuffed it to capacity! My only fear now is how much are they charging for these?

After holding up the line at the register for a good 20 minutes the friendly cashier finally found a sku number and it came out to $2.99 per pound. I'm not sure if she gave up and just entered something else but $2.99 a pound was CHEAP. I've seen them priced online for upwards of $20.00 per pound.

Let me tell you, driving home these stink weeds lived up to their expectations. My car reeked of a very strong onion/garlic scent which I was thoroughly enjoying.

When I arrived home, I washed my little ramps off and happily put them in the fridge. Without a doubt, I will be traveling back to Whole Foods to buy them out.


Meg said...


Anonymous said...

Ramps = God
the best damn things ever and I heard they make you poop.

Boston Chef said...

We have yet to use ramps in our kitchen...but we have used fiddleheads, another spring-time delight.

joseph said...

Interesting. Whole foods in Hadley has ramps at $18.99/lb (needless to say, I didn't buy any). Maybe I just need to find a cashier who'll sell them to me at the price of scallions.

Trevor said...

I actually went to whole foods in Bedford MA the next day and saw "Baby Ramps from Michigan" at $16.99 a lbs. I got lucky the first time :)