Wilson Farm

Week 11 brought some excellent produce, maybe a little too good because we blew through the weeks share by Saturday. On a recommendation by our mom we hit up Wilson Farms in Lexington. We’ve known about this place for a while but for some reason or other have actually never been. Sure enough it is located conveniently about a mile of rt.2.

We’ve picked up a nice brandywine tomato for another caprese. No picture sorry.

We ended up picking up some San Marzano tomatoes, 2 Japanese eggplants, a zucchini, and 2 small summer squashes and 2 ears of corn and basil. We’ve made a fresh ratatouille of summer goodness. We even snuck in our last Parker onion into this batch. We baked this at 350 for just over an hour. We topped some fresh baked Italian bread which was grilled over the flame. The flavors screamed together and melted into the nice bread.

$1.98 for a huge bushel of basil! We actually had a random customer tell us we’d never use this much and it would go to waste. We made more pesto to freeze…

We also picked up a quart of fresh blackberries, 5 nectarines, shortcake and awesome homemade whip cream. We made a little blackberry sauce for the shortcake and topped this with a sprig of mint.

All in all we spent close to $40 for a 3 course meal for two. We are very happy we are part of a CSA program; they are a huge value and well worth it.


Meg said...

i can't believe you made Ratatouille without me! (thanks for the leftovers btw.)

Trevor said...

you snooze you loose...

Jennifer said...

Hey Trevor! I saw your sister yesterday. Very cute blog. I'm going to subscribe to it in my Technorati account.

So here are some food shout-outs from the Blackstone Valley contingent (Ben & I):
Favorite Farm: Fopemma's in Northbridge (though your farm share sounds cute). They don't have a website, but here is some info: http://www.massfarmstands.com/foppemas.html

Favorite Pizza Joint: The Corner Grille in Worcester (http://www.cornergrille.com/) - let's meet up there sometime. They even let you BYOB!!!

Favorite Boston restaurant (for food & drink): Audubon Cirlce (tasty eats, tasty drinks).

In lieu of In & Out Burger on the East Coast - UBurger in Kenmore Square. If only for the hand cut french fries.

See you soon!


Trevor said...

Hey Jenn!!

Thanks for chekcing out our blog!

I've been meaning to try Uburger some time now...I've heard good things

Hopefully see you guys soon!