Here is our Share!
Week 8

Starting at the top from left to right: carrots, superstar spring onions, beets, cucumbers, basil, cauliflower, broccoli, red bliss potatoes.

Week 8 is summer vacation week for The Salted Cod. This week we took a road trip out to Lancaster to pick up our share at the farm. It was a fun morning, I got to see the where all my great produce is grown and had a bit of time to hang out with Steve as well.

The star of week 8 is our veggie roast! The Salted Cod loves roasted vegetables. We had a nice selection of the great sweet onions with tops, extra creamy potatoes, carrot and lots of fresh basil.

The veggies were mixed lightly with olive oil and seasoned aggressively with black pepper and lightly with sea salt. We let it roast at 450 until the potatoes were just crispy on the outside. This roast took right around an hour.


joseph said...

Mmmn. You're brave to roast vegetables in this heat.

Trevor said...

I will admit, there has been a complaint.