Here is our Share!
Week 9

Starting at the top from left to right: napa cabbage, spring onions, carrots, mizuna, corn, potatoes, cucumbers, yellow squash.

Let me state right now that week 9 makes us feel good inside. The Salted Cod had a half work day on week 9's pickup date so we took our bike down to central square to make the pickup. Little did we know that it would be this large.
Corn, this was some great corn, very sweet with small kernels. We almost ate a weeks worth of corn in one sitting. Steamed for a 5 minutes lots of good butter, sea salt and black pepper.Made a quick lunch of sauteed squash, spring onions and rice for lunch.

We've also attempted to make kimchi with our napa cabbage. Unfortunately we had a bad recipe and it's not looking too good.
A great Sunday breakfast with our potatoes and onions.

Finally we made a nice fresh sauce with our squash, onions, mizuna and corn. We even threw a corn cob in the sauce for extra flavor! Very nice!

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