kombucha brings good things

So after every batch of kombucha you end up with scooby's or kombucha babies. The Salted Cod posted a free ad on craigslist, we ended up with over 20 people looking to start brewing kombucha themselves. When we met up with one fellow to pass on our kombucha babies we were pleasantly rewarded with some freshly picked blueberries!

Our friend did say kombucha brings good things when we first recieved our kombucha baby.

We made blueberry muffins with our new gift. We used a very simple recipe from Bittman's "How to Cook Everything." They came out great, we enjoyed them two ways. First straight up as pictured above.

We also whipped up a fresh blueberry compote. Our compote had a bit of fresh lemon juice to help cut the sweetness. The muffins were grilled old school diner style with our compote drizzled on top.

The Salted Cod would also like to take a minute to share some muffin humor.
Check out Cunninghams Muffins on youtube.


joseph said...

I like the new header and such. Looks good.

And the blueberry muffins look really great.

Meg said...

that was a good muffin.