Here is our Share!
Week 11

Starting at the top from left to right: purple basil, arugula, celery, green peppers, cherry tomatoes, onions, red potatoes

Tomatoes, tomatoes, finally week 11 brings tomatoes. We received a nice pint of plump cherry tomatoes. The Salted Cod was popping these babies like candy on the way home from the drop.

Week 11 also brings us a great harvest salad. Maybe we were a bit overexcited this week; it feels like most of the produce went into this salad. (We aren’t complaining)

We made mustard vinaigrette with a good grainy French Dijon. The vinaigrette dressed our arugula greens as seen in the middle. On top we have some quick pickled onions which were a nice zesty addition to this. Notice our new sea salt on the cherry tomatoes! Green peppers, purple basil and fresh mozzarella are also coming to this party.

This is a caprese omelette! Fresh mozzarella, tomato and purple basil fill this big guy.

Another very quick caprese, only this time we are out of basil, both from the share and home grown.

Finally, we made celery soup with our red taters and onions.


joseph said...

That's some fine looking celery. The soup looks really great.

Trevor said...

Thank you, the soup cam eout great and was really quite a filling meal!

Earthworm Envy said...

Beautiful omelet picture!!!