Cucumber Maki

This is my first attempt at sushi, very basic cucumber maki roll (my avocado disappeared from the fridge!)

I stocked up at the Super 88 in Allston, I didn't spend more the $10 on this. All I really needed was a bamboo rolling mat which I picked up for 98 cents and some easy to use premixed sushi rice seasoning. The pre-mixed saves you the time of mixing sugar and vinegar, with this you can just add a few tablespoons in.

In a nut shell, cook your short grain or sushi rice, let it cool, mix the rice seasoning, spread it onto the nori sheet, add your cucumber and roll. I ended up with 4 rolls from 2 cups of rice.

I have yet and probably never will master cooking rice. It seems so simple but it's either dry or too wet and never compares to sushi house quality rice.

Acceptable results with this first attempt, as it made for a nice lunch at work.

Thank you Melissa for having a camera at work!


Cakespy said...

I was inspired by this post! I am taking a sushi class soon and some say that the rice is the hardest part!

Trevor said...

It is! I've tried a rice maker, crock pot, stovetop, more water, less water and it's never the way I want it. I keep trying though. Let me know how the class goes, I'm thinking of taking one myself in Boston.

Otis said...

I always heard it was hard to get the rice to stick to the nori, that's why I never tried making them. I think that if you don't have wasabi and ginger handy, adding some umiboshi paste to the rolls gives them extra flavor (although only I would have umiboshi paste and not wasabi or ginger).