Here is our share!
Week 1

We are happy to announce a new weekly series entitled, “Here is our share!” These specific posts are going to follow our CSA share from Parker Farm in Lunenburg, Massachusetts through out the summer and into the fall. Every Wednesday we meet up with Mr. Parker in Cambridge where he drops off weekly vegetable shares for us urban people who buy a share in his farm for the season. We receive a great variety of different items that are currently in season. It’s a great value which goes to a noble cause and it's super fresh! You can even talk to the farmer who grows your food (how many of you can say that?) We will post a picture of what was received for the week, and an entry or two of the more exciting things we have made with the share.


Starting at the top from left to right: mustard greens, turnip greens, mizuna, spinach, lettuce, and bok choy.

After making a nice salad with some of the mizuna and boston lettuce greens we quickly turned out attention to the baby bok choy in share number one. The greens were chopped off the top while the bottoms were halved and braised with some wild mushrooms. We paired these tender greens with teriyaki chicken and brown rice. Next time we would suggest caramelizing the bok choy just a bit more.

Other tips after week one; let the greens soak in a large bowl then a few times around in a salad spinner. Not that we mind, but there is significantly more sand and dirt in these greens than the mega mart variety. It’s still a nice trade off.

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