Biker's Bounty

Over the Williamsburg bridge and through the woods...

I mean through the boroughs.

Just thought you might like to see the bounty. It's a nice 10 mile ride round trip by bike to the awesome Union Square Greenmarket. Unbeatable selection of freshness from upstate.

I had one casualty on the ride back, I lost one egg, which isn't bad considering I'm carrying a stuffed messenger bag bombing down the Williamsburg Bridge. Also picked up a bag full of delicate zucchini flowers, jersey field tomatoes, a bag of carrots, rosemary focaccia, and fresh ricotta.

Save gas, ride a bike.


copykat chef said...

Wow that bounty does look good.

Otis said...

I sure hope you're gonna show them what you made with all that!


so f-ing cool! i love it.