Tacos Al Pastor

Ok, so Steve and I have been on mission to make some authentic tacos similar to those back in the Southwest. We bought the masa mix and we were determined to make out own tortillas. It turns out you really do need a tortilla press to get the right. We tried and tried but it just wasn't quite the same. They tasted right but they looked like little mongrels. We stewed some pork for a couple of hours in this extra spicy chili sauce/stew I brewed up. We had tons of fresh lime to squeeze on, diced red onions, cilantro and some fried mexixan queso, and diced tomatos. it was a hell of a lot of work for this dinner but well worth it. Eat your heart out taco bell.

Spaghetti Regine Ragu

Pork Rib Ragu, with these huge hollow spaghetti tubes. Never seen them before, I found them in a small italian market in Somerville. The ragu was extremely flavorfull while the pasta was a bit clumsy. In the end it was damn tasty as you can see.

South Face Farm

Tried a new maple house...
South Face Farm in Ashfield. The owner Tom was a nice fellow his sugaring technique was a bit too modern for me. Overall not the greatest experience. After the extra long wait in the freezing cold we were seated inside the dining room which was a step up from a barn. The syrup was very light and not too robust in flavor. One oil can per table seemed quite sparingly as well for six people. The pancakes we're heavy, the fritters we're great. Paper plates and plastic silverwear all around. The pickles we're soggy too. Next time I'm going back to Gould's.