South Face Farm

Tried a new maple house...
South Face Farm in Ashfield. The owner Tom was a nice fellow his sugaring technique was a bit too modern for me. Overall not the greatest experience. After the extra long wait in the freezing cold we were seated inside the dining room which was a step up from a barn. The syrup was very light and not too robust in flavor. One oil can per table seemed quite sparingly as well for six people. The pancakes we're heavy, the fritters we're great. Paper plates and plastic silverwear all around. The pickles we're soggy too. Next time I'm going back to Gould's.


Hold the Pickles said...

I think your assesment of the pancake house experience is accurate. I'd have to conclude that it's not worth the drive to the middle of West BF, Mass for average tasting pancakes. At $7 for a short stack with two dinky sausages, its also quite expensive. I do however appreiciate the hazzlenut coffee, that added a nice touch.
I'd recomend bringing boots, the parking lot is a muddy mess!

Anonymous said...

Maple producers are making food for human consumption, and with all the food safety issues that abound, of course it's modern. What do you expect, wood buckets and an iron kettle over an open fire? That was OK a hundred years ago, but that kind of food processing doesn't cut it in today's over-regulated world. Its sugaring season, of course it can be freezing cold. And the long wait? Maybe thats because the place is popular, the food is good and reasonably priced. Its a sugarhouse for Heavens sake, of course its one step up from a barn. Thats what a sugarhouse is. What did you expect, a Wal-Mart cafeteria? And did you know that it takes a very skilled maple producer to make light syrup, which is prized and always commands the highest price?