I remember Halloween...

Happy Hauntings from The Salted Cod!

I’ve enclosed a slightly embarrassing picture of my radical costume this year, "Cosmic space dude." Every year we embark on a zombie trolley ride around the city of Boston to go party hopping and try to spook the general public.

The highlight for me is wolfing down as many Halloween treats as I can at manage to eat at each party. I had way too many spooky shrimp, devious deviled eggs and other tasty Halloween treats. Not to mention plenty of devil's punch which may have caused me to space dance with my snazzy silver space cape.

We will be heading out to Salem Massachusetts to take in the festivities tonight, maybe we'll see you there!

A special Misfits Halloween treat


Meg said...

I think you forgot to mention slightly embarassing pic of me as well.. eesh, that's spooky.

Otis said...

Geez yeah, someone's possessed.