Leaving Behind the Trucker Hat

The New York Times ran an excellent article yesterday on the young farmers movement. The Times interviewed the two young farmers who left life behind in Brooklyn to start the The Hearty Roots Community Farm in upstate New York. I found this article to be quite inspiring as I've thought about doing this myself for some time.

It's nice to see some of my peers finding success in this field...

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joseph said...

I read that too; it was reassuring that city folk might be able to make it at farming. One of my co-workers has a farm in Colrain and I've offered to help, hoping to spend some time there. They have baby goats. Someday I really want goats. Even without a farm.

kevroy said...

It was a huge leap for my wife and I to open a bakeshop. I quit my comfy job as chef in a French restaurant, we borrowed money against our house and lurched ahead. That was five years ago.
Honestly, we could make more money with two full time minimum wage jobs. (We picked an area with low population density.)
But no money can buy the satisfactions inherent in owning and running an artisan business. At least, not in our case.