Fornino: Williamsburg

Fornino, Margherita Classica
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We really love pizza. We’ve been known to go on long pizza binges, sometimes so desperate we'd fry a pizza slice to reheat it out of necessity. We've also been known to anger others with our intense pizza cravings. Luckily for us, we found heaven at Fornino’s in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Fornino’s is artisan pizza at its very best. As far as we know from reading the menu, everything is made in house, including the mozzarella. They also have their own garden space to grow herbs and tomatoes. The wood fired oven gives the crust a nice, crispy, slightly charred flavor. This is the only way too cook a pizza; we’re thinking of starting a petition to have the government mandate this.

We actually visited Fornino on two consecutive nights. On our first visit we ordered (and engulfed) a pie called the Al Roker. This was ordered partly due to the hilarious nature of the name, being the only celebrity pie on the menu. More so because we were craving caramelized onions on our pie. In addition to the caramelized onions, the Al Roker included sopressata, garlic, rosemary and fresh mozzarella. A winning combination, the rosemary really accents the sweet smokey tomato sauce while the sopressata is just salty enough to make you crave more.

The next night we truly tried to find a new joint to check out but we had to face the facts, we wanted another slice of Fornino. We order the Margherita classic as pictured. So simple, so good. Some great olive oil drizzled on at the end was a nice touch.

We’re already craving more; maybe we’ll hit up Emmas in Cambridge this week…


Meg said...

Is it wrong to go there alone? I almost went back for a third night...

Jennifer said...

Hi Trevor! OK. I'm dying for some excellent pizza. I'll need to pay your sister a visit to Brooklyn. The Corn documentary sounds fascinating and scary - Ben and I will have to go see it.

We were just up in Nova Scotia this past weekend for a quick family event. We paid a visit to Peggy's Cove - beautiful and a cute little restaurant with a decent selection of fried fish options. We also stopped at the Maine Diner in Wells, ME for breakfast (ride up) and lunch (ride down). Their fish & chips and clams were outstanding.

If your in Shelburne Falls when Gould's Sugar Shack is open (during sugaring season and then again in the fall), do go!! You may have to wait, but I believe they have the best pancakes that I have ever had. They also serve homemade pickels, homemade sausage, corn fritters (which are OK but with their own maple syrup they're outstanding), their own maple syrup, and maple shakes! Yum.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving (send wishes along to your family). Hope to see you soon! Jenn