Factory Fresh

Tortilleria Los Hermanos...with out factory tastes.

Behind the unassuming factory doors of Bushwick's, Tortilleria Los Hermanos, lies something special. Not only are they pumping out case after case of homemade tortillas for purchase and distribution regionally and possibly nationally, they are also utilizing these ultra fresh tortillas at their in-house taco stand.

For gringos like me in this neighborhood, Los Hermanos is a gift from above, meeting and exceeding most of my picky demands:

  • proximity to my home (less than a 5 minute bike ride)
  • fresh and clean (lets just say I've seen a few questionable establishments in this general area.)
  • $$ ($2 tacos- COME ON!)
  • honest food (a nice lady was owning the grill with her daughter bringing the tacos over to everyone at the communal table on the factory floor)

I pigged out for less than $10, 2 tacos will fill you up. I had three out of sheer excitement and was completely stuffed.


Simple two tortilla tacos, seasoned with a squeeze of lime, a drizzle of sour cream, sliced lettuce and cilantro and your choice of homemade red or green sauce.

3RD PLACE: Spicy Pork

Great pulled pork, just spicy enough, dripping with a bit of red oil with a good bit of heat depending on who you ask.

We like things hot, because we're hot to trot.

2ND PLACE: Salty Beef

Not sure what cut this came from, I'm assuming it was a braised shoulder stripped and seasoned. There was something about the overly salty meat that just melted in my mouth and made me smile.

1ST PLACE: Chorizo

I'm awarding the gold ribbon to the chorizo taco because I feel it represented everything that's great about the 2nd and 3rd place winners. Salty, spicy and simple.

Honest food, be sure to wash it down with a Mexican cane sugar coke.

Tortilleria Los Hermanos
271 Starr St.
Bushwick, Brooklyn, NYC
12-9 p.m. Monday through Friday
Leave your plastic at home