This is Boston's 2nd best slice.


Farmers Market Caprese

This was the best caprese of the summer right here. My own grown basil, zebra heirlooms from Kimball fruit farm and Mozzarella di Bufala Campana from Italy.


TC Lando's

No surprise here, this place is like the holy grail of steak and cheese sub shops. I have been lucky enough feed my belly with one the these since the shop was in Maynard way back in the day. A damn tasty steak & cheese that has been known to cause cravings in people as far away as Rapid City and Los Angeles. A no thrills shop that you get what you pay for (that is a mini sub pictured be warned.) The only steak and cheese that I know of where the steak is chopped small. It almost melts in your mouth like a little bit of steak and cheese heaven.


What's for dinner

Leek ravioli
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Dave's fresh pasta goat cheese & leek ravioli with sage brown butter.


MV Bakery

mvbakery cupcake 3
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I stopped in for breakfast at the MV Bakery and grabbed a great croissant. later that day it was a homemade cupcake. great moist yellow cake with a mountain of frosting housed in an original container.

Beach dog

Beach snack
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yeah, same place as the slush. Nothin' fancy.

Beach slush

Beach slush
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Nothing better than homemade lemon-lime beach slush. Cheap satisfaction on a hot day. Found this good stuff biking from Oak Bluffs to Edgartown on the main drag.

Beach clams

Fried Clams
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Oh man so much good food packed into such a small harbor. These whole belly clams are from that little shack on the right on the way to Menemsha harbor.

Lobster Roll

Lobster Roll
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The glorious Menemsha fish market lobster roll. Still warm dripping with butter and lemon.

Dippin Donuts

Holly Smokes! Two indie donut shops in a row!! This place "Dippin Donuts" Has great cinnamon donuts, with a nice powdery cinnamon-sugar coating. They also serve homemade bagels which are great but...after touring NYC I was very disappointed to see them just shove a tiny cream cheese container and a knife in my bag. You take the time to make the bagel, how about getting some good cream cheese and putting it on for your customers as well. Still worth checking out.